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Health Heroes Series - What really cause heart disease? The clot thickens

December 3, 2021

Malcolm Kendrick is a GP who lives and works for the NHS in Cheshire. He has an enduring passion for heart disease. What causes it and what doesn’t. Here’s one clue - it is not cholesterol in the diet - or the bloodstream. His first book ‘The Great Cholesterol Con’, written in 2007, remains a thorn in the side of the cholesterol theory. He has written two other books: ‘A Statin Nation’, and ‘Doctoring Data’ on how medical research is manipulated to serve commercial interests. His latest book The Clot THICKENS, unravels what really causes cardiovascular disease. This podcast includes an exclusive interview with the late Dr Linus Pauling and explains why COVID-19 is not just a respiratory but a vascular disease.


For more information on heart disease visit my website:

I would also recommend looking at Dr Kendrick's page on "The Clot Thickens":



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